20/12/2018 - Casual Gymnastics Coaches

We are looking to appoint talented professionals to join us as Casual Gym Coaches at Gymstarz club within Padgate Academy Insall Road Padgate Warrington.


Job Expires: 28 January 2019 @ 3PM

Advert for Casual Gymnastics Coaches at Padgate Academy (pdf)


20/12/2018 - Assistant Coach

To assist the Head Coach in providing a safe, stimulating, educational and fun environment for children attending Gymstarz.  Temporary/Casual

J D Assistant Gym Coach - Padgate Academy Job description (pdf)


Application Forms

Please post application forms to Mrs M Siddall to our School address, alternatively you may email it to jobs@padgateacademy.co.uk.

Job Application Form for Padgate Academy (pdf)