Designated Provision

Here at Padgate Academy we promote an inclusive approach to education for all young people. 

In developing an inclusive approach for all young people we, as a mainstream high school, have increased our capacity to meet a wider range of pupil needs by hosting a designated provision.

What exactly does this mean I am sure you are asking?  Hopefully the following questions and answers will help answer this.

What is a Designated Provision?

A Designated Provision is a discrete provision within a mainstream high school where young people are taught mainly separately from their mainstream peers, but with the opportunity to integrate into mainstream classes when it is appropriate.

The Designated provision unit has 12 places for young people from Year 7 through to Year 11 with Cognition and Learning Difficulties.

How does my child apply for a place in the Designated Provision unit?

Firstly you need to understand that the places in the unit are allocated by the Local Authority through the Placement and Provision panel. This allows pupils living in any area of Warrington to join us. Your child must already have a Statement of Special Educational Need and despite the support being offered, show that he/she is not managing in a mainstream classroom.

Through the statutory review process as a parent/guardian you can express the desire to move to our Designated Provision and/or the school may advise this to better meet the educational/additional needs of your child.

How would my son or daughter get to Padgate Academy if it is not within walking distance?

Some of our pupils are provided with a taxi, if they live more than two miles away or in extreme circumstances, by the Local Authority to bring them in to school and take them home. This decision would be made by the Local Authority not Padgate Academy.

Can I visit the Designated Provision Unit?

Yes, you are more than welcome to have a look around the unit giving you the opportunity to ask any specific questions you may have. Please ring 01925 822632 and ask for Mrs Harrigan to arrange an appointment.

What are the educational aims for pupils in the Designated Provision Unit?

All pupils will have access to the National Curriculum or other pathways which will be differentiated to age and ability. 

There may be occasions when pupils may need to be dis-applied from some aspects of the National Curriculum to address the advice written into the student's statement of special educational needs. 

At the heart of the teaching we will have high expectations and an individualised personalised learning approach to allow each individual to work towards their potential.

How is the organisation and resources different for my son or daughter in the Designated Provision at Padgate Academy? 

The Designated Provision is a discrete provision within the body of our school. Students with a place can access the provision throughout the school day, including those times when they integrate into mainstream classes.

The Provision is always staffed by appropriately qualified and experienced staff who can meet the needs of your child.

How would my son/daughter be supported in the transition to the Designated Provision Unit at Padgate Academy?

Each young person has a personalised integration pathway devised for them that will support their transition successfully. 

The pathway is devised with you as their parent or guardian, the young person and school.