School Meals

Padgate Academy, working partnership with Catering Academy, provide a healthy nutritious school meals to our students, which is compliant with the food and nutrient standards set by the Government's Healthy Eating in Schools Nutritional Standards and Requirements.

Research has shown that children who consume a healthy balanced lunchtime meal show improved concentration and memory.  We have modified recipes to reduce the sugar, salt and fat content and increase protein, carbohydrates, fibre, zinc, iron, folate, calcium and Vitamins A and C.

All kitchen staff are trained in accordance with the legislative requirements associated with catering procedures, to certify that food is prepared in a protected environment.  Our catering team team offers a great range of healthy, seasonal, traditional and continental style cuisines and affordable meals for students during these dining periods. 

We welcome menu suggestions and all feedback from parents or carers.   We encourage you to keep up to date with the latest catering information and menu choices, which will appear on the page below.

In addition to the menu items and set meal choices listed below, our catering team also offer seasonal special items, which are advertised within school, when available.

IMPORTANT:  Food Allergies & Intolerance - If you require information on allergens or suffer from a food intolerance, please speak to a Team Member before ordering food and drinks.


SIMS Pay & Online Payments

IMPORTANT: In order for you to receive an invitation to join the SIMS Pay, we MUST have your email address.  Please check your junk folder before contacting us.   If you would like to confirm your email address with us please contact or call us on 01925 822632.

With SIMS Pay, parents or carers can securely pay for school dinners, club sessions and trips, uniform items, plus many more.   The system eliminates the need for your child to carry cash throughout the day and allows you to pay using your credit or debit card from any device, at any time.

To access SIMS Pay, please click 

What will you find in SIMS Pay:

  • Access to your childs account at any time, from any device, showing you at a glance the balance of their account in real time.  
  • Enables you to add money to your childs dinner account and receive alerts when their balance is running low.
  • If you have more than one child at the Academy, both students will show in the same account.


For more information regarding SIMS Pay and a getting started guide, please click here.