Meet the Safeguarding Team

Padgate Academy operate a safeguarding team approach with a split focus on both early help and child protection.  The team meets every half term and discusses and takes action to safeguard the most vulnerable children in Academy. 

The team members are key support staff throughout Academy who works closely with all year groups to ensure they are safe both in and out of Academy.  

The team is as follows:

Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mr D Vickery - Assitant Principal

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads

  • Mrs K Bretherton - SENCo
  • Mrs C McPoland - Learning Coach & Head of Learning

Safeguarding Team

  • Mrs J Turner - Pastoral Secretary
  • Mrs S Mallows Wood - Attendance Manager
  • Miss S McKittrick - Inclusion Manager
  • Mrs A Harrigan - Lead Teacher, Designated Provision
  • Miss N Parkinson - Learning Coach

Heads of Learning

  • Miss J Edwards - Associate Assistant Principal and Head of Learning
  • Mr C Johnson - Head of Learning
  • Mr M Taylor - Head of Learning

Key Functions of the Safeguarding Team

The DSL will lead the safeguarding team and allocate tasks to safeguarding team members via regular team meetings.  The DSL will have management oversight of the safeguarding work completed by the safeguarding team. 

Below is a list of the some of the tasks that the DSL will undertake:

  • Contribute to Combined Assessments, complete DASH risk assessments (in relation to Domestic Abuse), complete CSE screening tools.
  • Make contact with Children’s Social Care/ Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) when there is an identified child protection issue.
  • Make referrals to appropriate statutory and non-statutory services for support.
  • Support to children and their families by taking the Lead Professional role.
  • Attend and deliver Safeguarding Training (whole Academy training)
  • Challenge practice and decisions in line with the LSCB Escalation Policy
  • Have a thorough understanding of the thresholds for support from Children’s Social Care e.g. Children in Need of protection and children in need of care
  • Support each other (De Briefing opportunities and reflective learning opportunities) 
  • Champion and know who your vulnerable children are. The Safeguarding Risk Register should be reviewed at Safeguarding Team meetings on a regular basis.

The Safeguarding Team Approach to safeguarding children

This is considered the best practice to managing safeguarding at Academy level. Practically, there is always cover for absence and a number of professionals trained to know what to do if there were concerns about the safety or wellbeing of a child. It also encourages a culture of working collaboratively and making decisions together, with the child at the heart of the team’s practice. The team approach is supportive to the DSL, who will as a result of a team structure, no longer works in isolation and take the sole responsibility for safeguarding. 

Importantly, the DSL leads the safeguarding team and on a day to day basis decision will be made by the DSL. Team members need to be clear of their role within the team and what is expected from them. Debriefing and reflective practice is an important part of safeguarding practice and should be routinely built into safeguarding team meetings.

Advice for Parents/carers

If you have a concern about your child, a relative or another pupil who attends this Academy please contact Mr D Vickery (Designated Safeguarding Lead) on 01925 822632, or email

You can also speak to any other member of the safeguarding team and contact them on the Academy number.  Please leave a message and we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Signposting & Agencies we work with


Safeguarding Resources

Early Help Statement (pdf)


Safeguarding Support Directory (pdf)


parental support directory (pdf)


pupil support directory (pdf)