Online Parents Evening Bookings

Parents or carers can now easily book appointments with their child’s teachers via computer, smartphone or tablet.  


By booking online, parents or carers can choose their own appointment times from any internet connected device, such as computer, smartphone or tablet.   

The Academy will notify parents or carers that Parents Evening is coming up by either email or text message.  Parents or carers can then log in online and select appointment times that suit them.

Online booking allows parents or carers to:

  • Tell the system the time you are available to and from, you will then automatically be allocated appointments for the whole evening with your child's teachers.
  • Add notes when booking your appointments to let teachers know of any issues or discussion topics ahead of time.
  • Receive a download of all appointments, that can be printed or added to your calendar. 

In order to login to the system, please click on the link below: 


Downloadable Parents Guide

Parent Guide to Booking Parents Evenings (pdf)