13/05/2019 - Strive for 5 mathematics

Year 11 students recently had the opportunity to attend 'Strive for 5'.  

Strive for 5 is a mastery class where selected pupils work on grade 5 topics in order to help them move from a grade 4 to a grade 5.

Pupils worked with the head of Beamont Collegiate Academy on selected grade 5 topics – Standard form, equations of lines, simultaneous equations and complex ratio problems. 

Mr McVeigh 2nd in Mathematics, said “Pupils got a lot from the event and left the event with a renewed confidence in their mathematical ability” .

Olivia Cooper, Year 11 student, said “The afternoon was good and it helped me understand some topics better”.


12/05/2019 - TCAT MFL OXNET event

Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?

Students from Padgate Academy recently had the opportunity to learn about the importance of languages and their development by attending a TCAT event, in conjunction with other schools from the local area.

Students learnt about the origin of the modern English language and its links with other languages throughout history, whilst learning foreign language words and creating new ones based on Latin.

I. Zarain, Teacher of MFL, said "All students had an impeccable behaviour. They were very engaged and interacted with students from other TCAT schools."

Luske Lasko-Abram, 8MVC, said “It was very good and educational because we learnt new words in Latin”.

24/04/2019 - How can you help?

Year 8 were set a homework project recently, to research a homeless charity. 

Many pupils produced fantastic presentations for this but two students have gone above and beyond: Mohammed Arif 8CRO and Josh Teal 8CRO.

Not only did they set up a meeting with the Salvation Army in Warrington to talk to a member of staff, but they went out of their way to put into practice what they had learned.  

The students created also created a presentation; it includes how they decided they’d be able to help the homeless and shows some videos of Mohammed voluntarily helping some homeless people.

I am so proud and overwhelmed by the sheer generosity and empathy that these particular students have shown and just wanted to bring attention to the selfless students that we have in our school. 

Mrs Cropper, English Teacher


29/03/2019 - Year 10 Visit to University of Chester

Year 10 Students set targets at the University of Chester

Students from Padgate Academy recently took part in two workshops, delivered by Made in Education at the University of Chester Churchill Building.  

The purpose of the visit for students was to attend sessions delivered by ‘Made for Education’ focusing on target setting, confidence building, career aspirations and revision skills.

Miss Harrigan, Learning Coach, said: "When asked the difference between a wish and a target, Jack answered “A wish is something you want for yourself, but a target is something other people set for you”.  It was so great to see the students’ realisation throughout the session that they can set their own targets.  It gave them ownership of their own progress, and the realisation that they can aspire to more."

Alex Shelley, Year 10 Student, said: “It was a great day! I liked learning how to use mind maps, and now I have new highlighters to use for my revision”.


22/03/2019 - Manchester Airport Trip

BTEC Travel and Tourism Students Experience a day at an airport, learning about technology and customer service.

Padgate Academy students, studing BTEC Travel and Tourism recently had the opportunity to visit Manchester Airport Terminal 1 and Runway Visitor Park.

Whilst at the terminal, students got a chance to see the different types of technology used to help enable a better customer journey.  For Example, information boards and self-service check in desks.  At the Runway Visitor Park, students then got a talk on the importance of customer service and how this enhances the customer journey. 

To finish the day off, students got a chance to visit the world famous supersonic Concorde airliner.

During the trip, the students had the opportunity to look at the different technology used in the airport to enhance the customer journey and understand the importance customer that service plays for a large Travel and Tourism Organisation.  This experience will help students with units 1 and 3 of their course.

Mr Schreiber, Teacher of Humanities and Travel and Tourism, said “The students had an exciting time and it was brilliant for them to get out of the classroom and actually on to a real life aircraft which some have never experienced before. This should encourage students to think about the area of work that they would like to go in to in the future”

Amy Wells, a Year 10 student, said “I had a very enjoyable school day out with the rest of the Travel and Tourism class. I had never been to an airport before today and getting to see the planes up close was a great experience.”

20/03/2019 - National Junior Indoor Rowing Competition

After competing at The Indoor Rowing competition at Warrington Wolves, Grace Bain received a place at the London National Indoor Junior Rowing Competition. Grace took part in the Year 8 three minute individual rowing, from this she totalled a fantastic 712 meters and qualified for the year 8 relay race, with 3 other students from Warrington Youth Rowing. 

The Relay group came 1st in the pen and completed the 2000m in 7 minutes and 32.2 seconds. 

The visit brings together the students who take part in the Warrington Youth Rowing and qualified for the National Competition. 

Miss Parkinson said “The trip was a fantastic experience! Grace gave 100% in all of her races and even beat her personal best in her 3 minute individual race.  The engagement and support amongst the peers across all of the Warrington schools that attended was great to see".

Grace Bain said “The best part of the day was finding out we came first in the relay in our pen. I was extremely happy to have the opportunity to attend the event.  All staff and students all encouraged each other and that helped me to achieve my best".

18/03/2019 - GCSE Geography Fieldwork Trip to North Wales

Year 11 students from Padgate Academy recently visited Mold Town Centre and Loggerheads Country Park.

Whilst visiting North Wales, the students were required to collect geographical data in two contrasting environments. They collected data on the impacts of traffic management in an urban area, as well as flow data for the River Alyn.

The data will be used to provide stimulus to the year 11 fieldwork enquiry, which will form part of the Paper 3 exam during the GCSE’s.  It also provided opportunities for revision of topics and concepts learned in the classroom.


Mr Pollard, Head of Humanities, said "The students were fully engaged in the activities planned, and were confidently applying their classroom learning to real world contexts".

Sam Brown, Padgate Academy Student, said "Fun and educational!".

17/03/2019 - Christ Church Primary Music Workshop

Miss Ward welcomed Year 3's from Christ Church Primary School for a special Music Workshop on 5th March. 

Pupils enjoyed some hands on music making, doing some rhythm activities, keyboard performances and then creating their very own composition based on the theme of Volcanoes!

Miss Ward, Head of Sport & Performance, said "The pupils were fantastic! They were very keen to show off their performance skills and we had some amazing solo performances.  They worked so well together on their compositions and came up with some very creative ideas".

Ms Dowling (class teacher), said "The children absolutely loved their morning and they were really engaged with the session. They were excited to get back to school and tell the rest of their friends about the morning!".


27/02/2019 - Year 9 Big Bang STEM

Year 9 students from Padgate Academy recently visited Priestley College for Big Bang STEM.  The day  provided students with an insight into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and had the opportunity to take part in some exciting workshops that included: 

  • Lego Mindstorm robotics
  • Chemistry flash bang
  • Marvellous molecules
  • Aquaphonics and drones

The visit was intended to give students a fantastic opportunity and introduction to STEM based workshops.  It has shown it can enhance learning across a range of subject areas and in particular Science, Design Technology and Mathematics.

Melissa Day, who supported the trip, said "The students were really engaged and were very competitive when building and navigating the drones".

Olivia McQueeny, Student, said: "It was good to see the local college and get an insight into what it might be like to study there. I really enjoyed the science dissecting experiment, I could relate to this with recent work I have done at school".

04/02/2019 - Year 9 Warrington & Vale Royal College Taster

Year 9 Students from Padgate Academy recently had the opportunity to attend a taster day at Warrington & Vale Royal College, in order to develop their knowledge of educational/vocational courses post 16.

Whilst at the College, students got a chance to meet teachers and learn about future educational courses they could enrol on.  Students were also offered the opportunity to experience taking part in sessions for the courses of their choosing.

Mr Diggle said, “This was a fantastic opportunity for Year 9 students to learn about future educational / vocational courses available at a local College".

Liv McQueeney (Student) said “I really enjoyed it, I opted for the Science session and got to learn about how to analyse the DNA of a strawberry”

Luke Hart (Student) said “I got to learn about vocational courses I could study post 16, I completed the motor vehicle session and really enjoyed it, it is defiantly an area I will be considering”.

23/01/2019 - Year 11 GCSE Poetry Live! Trip

Year 11 students from Padgate Academy recently attended a study day with professional poets, reading their poems and answering questions from students about them, in order to provide them with a greater understanding for their upcoming GCSE English Literature exam.

The Chief Examiner also delivered two sessions to students, providing tips about how to tackle unseen poetry.

Mrs Hawley, Head of English, said “This was an excellent day that really made the poems come alive for the students. We gained some invaluable insight into key skills needed for the exam”.

Nathan Hawkins, Year 11 Student, said, “It was a nice experience for all of the students who attended; it helped me understand the context behind the poems”.