Home Learning during School Closure

It's important that students at home continue their learning and development.  It's crucial for their futures and broader development.  

We completely understand how difficult it can be to keep motivated with so many distractions but remember the rest of the country are in the same position, so try not to worry if learning time is not during the usual school hours!  We recommend you try your best to stick to a routine and follow as best you can your school timetable each day. 

Home Learning is broken down into three steps:

  1. Students should access their school email to see if they have been sent information or instructions, usually in a weekly bulletin, which will help plan the week ahead. 
  2. All work (except Maths) is accessed via Microsoft Teams.  Students access and complete work on screen, hand in to their teacher, who will mark and return it to them with feedback.
  3. For additional revision, students can access Seneca Learning or the Student Revision Library

Help with accessing services can be found below, including where to turn if you need further assistance.

For parents of children with additional needs, we have created a section on this page below with resources to help your support your child during school closure.


How do I login to my student E-mail?

Staff will send students emails with updates, bulletins and instructions for Home Learning, so it's important that students check this regularly.

All students are provided with an email address.  Your login and password is the same one that you use on the computers in school.  You just need to add @padgateacademy.co.uk at the end to login to the Student Hub - this is your email address. 

You can also download Outlook as an App for your mobile phone or tablet by clicking here for Apple and clicking here for Android.


Where do I get my work from?

All student work can be found on Microsoft Teams, which allows students to view all of their timetabled classes and work that has been set by their teachers.  Students can complete the task on screen, hand it back to their teacher, who can mark and return it to them, complete with feedback.

Does Microsoft Teams replace the Student Hub?

Yes.  From Monday May 4th, the Student Hub has been renamed to the Student Revision Library and contains only revision material.  All new work can now be found on Microsoft Teams. 

How do I get onto Microsoft Teams?

To access Microsoft Teams, please click here: https://teams.microsoft.com

When students access this website, they sign in with the same username and password that they use for their email and the computers in school.  You can also access Microsoft Teams via an App on your mobile/tablet device (more information below).

Is there a student user guide that I can download?

Yes. You can download our student user guide for Microsoft Teams by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3el2nst

Can I get the App on my phone or tablet?

Yes. You can download the Microsoft Teams App for your phone, tablet or laptop.  Follow the instructions below to get started:

Where can I get more information or view more guides?

For more information, you can also access a number of Microsoft User Guides below:

Can I see any videos of Microsoft Teams in action?

Yes, please see a few useful videos below that show students how to turn in an assignment and how the Teams works.


What about Maths then?

All work that has been set by Maths teachers can be found on MathsWatch.  You can complete the tasks here online, which are then returned automatically to your teacher.

Your username is the year you started, the first character from your first name, your surname, followed by @padgate - for example, 19jbloggs@padgate.  The default password for all students is padgate (all lower case).

We have also included a helpful video below that shows how to login to MathsWatch.


Where has the Student Hub gone?

Yes.  From Monday May 4th, the Student Hub has been renamed to the Student Revision Library and contains only revision material.  All new work can now be found on Microsoft Teams.

Students login using their school email address (their computer username, followed by @padgateacademy.co.uk) and their computer password.

You can download a user guide for the Student Revision Library by clicking here: https://bit.ly/3enqCGI


As well as Microsoft Teams, MathsWatch and the Student Revision Library, you can also access Seneca Learning, which provides online revision for your GCSE & A Level exams.  Join 3,500,000 students using Seneca as the funnest way to learn at KS2, KS3, GCSE & A Level, proven to make you learn 2x faster

* If you have forgetten your password for Seneca, you can click on 'Reset Password' and you will receive an email to your school address with instructions on how to do this.


I dont know my logins or I have forgot my password.

  • Email , Teams & Student Revision Library - your login and password is the same one that you use on the computers in school.  You just need to add @padgateacademy.co.uk at the end to login to the Student Hub - this is your email address. 

  • MathsWatch - your username is the year you started, the first character from your first name, your surname, followed by @padgate - for example, 15jsmith@padgate.  The password for all students is padgate (all lower case).

  • Seneca - your login is your school email address and your password is the one that you set yourself. 

If you need to reset your password, you can click on 'forgot password' or 'reset password' link on the page that you are trying to login to and follow the instructions.

If you need any help with resetting your passwords, you can email us - itsupport@padgateacademy.co.uk


Do you have any more information or I need more help

We have provided further information sheets, guides and letters home, these are available to download below.  We have also added a number of bulletins, updates, guides and subject specific information on our YouTube channel, you can visit this by clicking here - https://youtube.com/c/PadgateAcademy  (Make sure you like a subscribe when you visit so you can view the most recently content automatically in future).

More Help

  • If you have a question or query regarding the work that you have been set, you can email your teacher from your school email account.  Teachers cannot reply to emails sent from personal accounts.
  • If you need any technical help, such as resetting passwords, you can email itsupport@padgateacademy.co.uk
  • If you need any general assistance, you can email info@padgateacademy.co.uk


Supporting Students with Additional Needs

This unprecedented period of change and disruption is very difficult for many children with additional needs and their families. The lack of structure and routine and the difficulties of access home learning can bring additional stresses and problems.

We have put together some useful websites and resources that we hope will help you. These offer some practical ideas and also may sign post you to other areas of support. 

Please remember that you can contact either of us for advice and support.  Remember it’s not forever and there are lots of things you can try that may make things easier!

Stay safe.

Mrs Bretherton SENCo kbretherton@padgateacademy.co.uk

Ms Harrigan Lead Teacher Designated Provision aharrigan@padgateacademy.co.uk

ADDvanced Solutions


ADDvances solutions Community Network encourages, equips and empowers children, young people and their families living with neurodevelopmental conditions, learning difficulties and associated mental health needs.

National Autistic Society


Information, top tips and support and advice for students with Autism and their families.


Advice on structure, routines and transitions for students with Additional Needs or Autism

Home learning resource list for students with Additional Needs


Here is a list of current free curriculum based learning resources for any students struggling to access or engage with home learning, or for those parents looking for something different!

All these links  offer free online additional resources for young people with Special Educational Needs to keep them physically active.

Health and Mental Wellbeing


This book which is a good starting point for young people who are not finding the lockdown and understanding of Coronavirus easy.

A free information book explaining the coronavirus to children illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler follow the link below:



Easy to use Calming stratagies for Young People with Autism


National Council for Special Education


The NCSE is providing online resources for children and young people with Special Educational Needs who are at home as a result of the schools’ closure. The resources are designed to assist parents, teachers and students in special schools, special class placements and mainstream classes.

Visual Impairments 



With current Government advice recommending against non-essential contact and all unnecessary travel, British Blind Sport is joining with Sport England and encouraging our VI service users to #StayInWorkOut.

At British Blind Sport, we don't believe staying at home should mean doing less physical activity than normal! Physical activity is proved to relieve stress, improve mental health and boost the immune system, and we will do our best to continue to help you achieve this. As such, we're happy to have permission to provide you with some audio exercise programmes, covering a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, Bootcamp and Strength among many others.


Henshaws is a northern charity supporting people living with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond expectations

Hearing Impairments


Support for home learning for students with visual impairments


Support for home learning for students with visual impairments