Home Learning during School Closure

How do I do this Home Learning then?

It is important that students at home continue their learning and development, which is crucial for their futures and broader development. 

We advise all students to start work by 9.00 am each day spending an hour on every subject as per their normal school timetable.  So, for example, if your child has Science during period one today, they should spend an hour doing Science work.  It would help if you write out a weekly timetable with your child.

At least 10 days work has been set in the first instance - enough to take us to the Easter Holiday.

A good start at the beginning of the week would be for all students to look through their work for every subject and make a list of activities for each - this will help plan the week ahead.  This can be listed in the back of the exercise book we provided.

Where do I get my work from?

The majority of student work provided is accessed on the Student Hub by clicking here.  All subjects can be found within the Student Hub, except for Maths.

When you login to the Student Hub, you can browse all subjects and view, download or print off the work within each folder.   Once the student has the work in front of them, they can complete it in their exercise book that we have provided.

Students login to the Student Hub using their school email address (their computer username, followed by @padgateacademy.co.uk and their computer password.

What about Maths then?

All work that has been set by Maths teachers can be found on Maths Watch.  You can access this by clicking here.  You can complete the tasks here online, you dont need to use your excercise book for Maths.

What is Google Classroom?

The Padgate Academy Google Classroom provides online resources to all students.  Students can complete homework, assignments and much more when they are logged in.  As if by magic, every timetabled lesson that our students have is automatically added to their Google Classroom account, so when they sign in, they will see all work that is set for them, all in one place.

Students can view work set, complete the work on the screen and hand it in, all from one place.  Teachers will be automatically informed that your child has completed their work, they can mark it witihin Google Classroom or return it if it needs a little more work.

We are still in the middle of setting this system up so it's not fully up and running yet. We will let you know when this system can be used by students.

What else can I do?

As well as the Student Hub and Maths Watch, you can also access Seneca Learning, which provides online revision for all students.  You can access Seneca by clicking here.

I dont know my logins

  • Student Hub - your login and password is the same one that you use on the computers in school.  You just need to add @padgateacademy.co.uk at the end to login to the Student Hub - this is your email address. 
  • Seneca - your login is your school email address and your password is the one that you set yourself.  If you have forgotten this, you can click reset password on the Seneca login page.
  • MathsWatch - your username is the year you started, the first character from your first name, your surname, followed by @padgate - for example, 15jsmith@padgate.  The default password for all students is padgate (all lower case).
  • Google Classroom - your login if the same as the Student Hub and the standard password for students is Padgate (We are still in the middle of setting this system up so it's not fully up and running yet. We will let you know when this system can be used by students).

Do you have any more information?

We have provided further information sheets, guides and letters home, these are available to download below.  If you require any further assistance, please contact us - info@padgateacademy.co.uk.


Useful videos

Year 11 guidance for remote working and revision.